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  1. Ezwan says

    I do have a problem. I’m using e original waterproof case. I recorded some videos & snap photos while in a swimming pool, only about 1.5m deep. Now the problem is when I tried to view it on my tablet via otg, all videos & photos taken during the swim are not there! Its strange cos all e videos taken before & after e swim are there, none lost. Even e file numbering sequence proves so.

    Hope I didnt missing out anything. Is there anyone out there facing this problem? Googled hard for info but none found. Would gladly appreciate any help.

    • Reymond says

      Don’t view the files in a tablet or phone. Your phone and tablet do have separate Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) which may conflict to naming folders since your Yi Cam also have separate DCIM. Recommend to view the files in a computer.

  2. Steven Db says

    Can the remote control multiple cameras? Like the remote off the gopro? Or do you know if there is an alternative.

    PS: great revieuws.

  3. Patty says

    Hi! I’m a new Yi user and it’s fantastic! But unfortunately the firmware is outdated and I can’t use the shutter. How do I update?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Stefanos says

    Hi friend!

    Is there any case that has holes to the back door for xiaomi yi?Like Gopro’s one with the holes so sound pass easily.Non waterproof of course.

    Thank you

      • Stefanos says

        Thanks for your reply!

        Yes i was wondering to drill one.I will propably buy one cheap case and drill it.I will use it for motrbike etc usage.

  5. Mervin says


    which mount should i used for the yi camera to be mounted on a dashboard or front windscreen of a car?

    many thanks


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